Pregnant in a Pandemic

I first saw that phrase on a friend's hashtag on Facebook. I thought "how cute" but then being 21 weeks along, I knew that it was anything but.
This is my first pregnancy. At 35 years old....which in uterine years, is somewhere between Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep age. 
We used to call first-time mums my age as "Elderly Primigravid" calling to mind images of women with gray hair in buns, hobbling along and supporting themselves on a cane while trying to maintain balance. I had not anticipated this.
At 16 years old, I had drafted an autobiography which included a crystal ball prediction of where I would be at 21..30...35 years. This milestone was a 30 year old milestone. But life doesn't read 16 year old crystal ball predictions.
Having gotten married only a few months before, getting pregnant almost immediately after was an achievement. Despite straddling the "Elderly Primigravid" age, I was pleasantly surprised and set about unearthing all my old …